Unchartered Adventures was created in order to give people a place to relax and unwind.by providing them experiences they will never forget.  It was also created to capitalize from junk that was destined for the landfill.  They say one mans trash is another mans treasure.  This is a real life example of that.  Damon was featured on the cover of GI Jobs magazine in 2018 for doing just that.  Most of the activities at Unchartered Adventures incorporate items that are destined for the landfill.  JDog sorts these items at their sorting warehouse locally and creates uses for them by incorporating them into their new business model or donating them.  These items are used for the DIY projects (household items such as furniture, and items made of wood or metal), Axe Throwing (recycled construction material), zombie tactical experience (junk cars, construction materials, and salvaged objects from demolition jobs) and the dog park whose base is made out of recycled wood/mulch.




Damon Fogley

Founder & Partner

Damon is a US army veteran, first responder and has been an entrepreneur ever since he started college in the year 2000.  Over the last 4 years Damon has been involved in finding new and creative ways to make money on the back side of the junk removal business while at the same time saving the planet.  That is where the idea of Unchartered Adventures was born.  Many of the activities at Unchartered Adventures give these items a second chance, while at the same time creating jobs for hays county and protecting the planet.


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