Are you looking to donate items for our smash room?

are you looking for free thats right free junk removal?

and yes we accept donations of electronic waste, grandma's knick knacks (dont tell grandma) glassware, and even furniture

Best yet is that some of the items you donate will be recycled after they are destroyed.

here are some items that we accept

We can arrange pickup or you can dropoff during business hours

GLASSWARE - bottles, knick knacks, dishes, bowls, plates, light bulbs

electronics (copiers, printers, keyboards, vcrs, dvd players, flat screen monitors, big screen TVs)

we also accept cars and trucks even if you don't have a title!

we will pick the vehicle up for free!

(we will make sure the vehicle does not have an outstanding lien or is stolen)

Items we cannot accept

Tube Tvs

anything with a compressor such as a mini fridge or AC unit or any other appliance

anything with a capacitor such as a microwave

upholstered furniture

fill out our donation intake form here

Questions? you can also call us to arrange for pickup

512 537-3113