Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are in Kyle, Texas 20 mins south of austin and one hour north of San Antonio.  our address is 395 county road 202 building 17B.  we are in the back of the county line business park warehouse complex.  for a map and directions click here

Will I have to share my smash room with someone else?

No all sessions are private unless you want others in the room with you

What are the age requirements?

8+ for smashing/rage activities.  18+ for axe throwing and any age for splatter paint.  minors are required to be supervised by an adult at all times (don't have to be in the room but must be observed).  Adult/Guardians must be willing to sign waiver for minor participants.

What kind of stuff will I be using to smash stuff?

bowling pins, frying pans, sledgehammers, pick axes, baseball bats

Can more than one person be in the same room at the same time

Yes up to 5 but we can accomodate larger groups

What Do I wear?

please wear regular attire.  you will be wearing coveralls over your clothing.  we ask that you do not wear open toed shoes/sandals.

Can I drink?

you are welcome to drink during your axe throwing activities or paint splatter activities but not during your rage room/smashing events.  you can drink after your rage/smash session is over.  we have a beer/wine permit.  you can byob mixed drinks but we ask that you purchase our mixers at the venue.  We have a bar lounge for after your session is completed where you can watch other participants smash during their sessions.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the number of items you break, how big the items are and the time you spend in the rage room.   we apply a group discount of 10% off for 10 or more participants.

What types of items will I be smashing?

you will be breaking a wide variety of items big and small.  Here are some examples just to name a few.  Dishes, wine glasses, liquor bottles, beer bottles, coffee mugs, toys, electronics such as printers, keyboards, flat screen monitors, TV monitors, projection TVs, pianos, kids cars, and even real cars.

Do I have to make a reservation or do you take walk ins?

yes you must make a reservation.  just give us a call 512 537-3113 or book directly through the website.  you can also email us

What are your hours and days that you are open?

We are open 7 days a week  1-10pm by appointment

Can we take pictures or video?

Yes we highly encourage you to take as many pictures and videos you want at the venue and post to any social media platforms you wish!


how many people can do the car smash? up to 12 participants.  $500 for the car $600 for a truck or SUV.  if we are out of cars we will honor the car price.

Do I have to sign a waiver? yes

Do you charge to watch? No

Do you have food?  We do not prepare food at the venue but we have a partnership with bravo company bbq and catering.  their information can be found here.

Is it safe?  Nothing in life is guaranteed.  However, if you follow the safety guidelenes your host will discuss with you then you will extensively lower your chances of being injured while participating in the activity.